P1-P2:   We have joined EDB School-based support for many years. In this academic year, we are working with EDB on Primary 1  which is focused on reading and writing by designing school-based booklets. These booklets are based on the monthly themes of our school, Longman Elect textbook and selected books from an E-reading platform. These booklets are catered for our students’ learning abilities. 

P1 Briding Course-Learning the classroom language


In addition, we have Accelerated Reading Lessons for these two grades.  We are working with parents and students of  Harrow International School. In these lessons, the volunteers will work with our teachers to read books that match our students’ reading levels. It helps to promote the reading culture at our school. 


P6 : A secondary school bridging course is added in order to train the Primary 6 students about some language foci of the English curriculum of secondary school (Key Stage 3).