2021 English Activities


1.)All Hallows’ Gala:

All Hallows’ Gala is our annual celebration of the spookiest festival of the year, Halloween! Our students have the opportunity to wear frightfully spectacular Halloween costumes and play Halloween-themed booth games. They also can attend a captivating magic show! In addition, the students participate in a competition to see who can design the most amazing Halloween masks! All of these activities are designed to allow the students to have fun using English in a fun and engaging manner. To cap off and consolidate the learning that has happened, a Halloween Learning Log is designed for the students to complete. The feedback from our students for the All Hallows’ Gala has been impressively positive and we look forward to continuing this annual tradition in the coming years!

2.)YOTIES’ English Day: 

Every Tuesday is YOTIES’ English Day, and this means that the students can begin their morning with a fun English game at the entrance of our school. All of our games have been heavily inspired by traditional carnival games, but with a focus on using English in a fun and contextualized manner. The students have so much fun playing the games that they are eager to speak English! YOTIES’ English Day is theme and topic-based with each month having a new theme where we focus on key vocabulary and sentence structures while enjoying the games. After participating in the games, the students earn stamps which they can collect and redeem for prizes! For our students, the best part of waking up on Tuesday mornings is arriving at school to see our smiling English teachers manning the YOTIES’ English day game booths! 

3.)NET lessons: 

Our NET lessons are designed with fun in mind! On top of both shared and guided reading, we play interactive games and activities to help the students develop their confidence in using English in a meaningful manner. All speaking activities are meant to help the students not only consolidate the unit of work but also to expand on it to further develop their language skills. All of our students enjoy the NET lessons as the fun and engaging lessons allow them to fearlessly use the language!