1. Provide opportunities for students to enjoy learning English and about Western Culture with a variety of English activities.

    • – Organize festive activities like All Hallows’ Gala, Christmas Carnival and Easter Fun Day in order to allow students to learn English in a fun way.
    • – Students’ good work is displayed around the campus. 
  2. Promote reading and focus on ‘Read to Write’.

    • –Primary 1 and 2 students have a reading programme with Harrow International School Hong Kong. This is where our students would be able to read books that are matched to their reading levels.  
  3. Build up the self-learning skills and confidence of students by using e-Learning tools.

    • –An online reading platform is  purchased so that students can do their online reading and comprehension in their spare time. 
    • – Make good use of e-learning tools like Kahoot, Nearpod, Plickers, Quizlet, Book Creator and so on in order to encourage students to evaluate their own work including their writing tasks.