P1-P2 :   P1-2 Space Town Programme Space Town Programme is a programme that has been created by the EDB NET Section. It enhances students』 reading, writing, listening (phonics) and speaking by conducting lessons which include shared reading, guided reading and reading High Frequency Words. In addition, the lessons are designed in a fun and interactive way by adding singing, playing games and even cooking for the students!


P4 : QEF organized by Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School      We are glad to work with Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School in order to enhance the assessment setting such as making good use of the analysis to improve our learning and teaching. This programme will be focusing on reading strategies. Co-plan meetings and peer observation will be made regularly so that our lessons can be planned with different kinds of questioning skills which can cater to the learners』 diversity.


P6 :  EDB School-based Support      We have been joining EDB School-based support for many years. We will be working on Primary 6 this year which is focusing on reading and writing skills by drafting better lesson plans and assignments. In addition, a secondary school bridging course will be added in order to train the Primary 6 students about some language foci of the English curriculum of secondary school (Key Stage 3).